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Certifications: National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer; RKC Russian Kettlebells; Functional Movement Screening; CrossFit Level 1 instructor; USA Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Sport Performance; Indian Clubs; Precision Nutrition coach.

Background:A former police detective sergeant and use of force trainer, Dave now focuses his formidable discipline, humor and curiosity on aging optimally.

From his teens to his 50‘s, Dave was primarily a competitive athlete, participating in marathons, triathlons, road and mountain bike racing, canoe racing, inline skate racing and skiing. He feels he’s never been as strong and fit as he is today.

He’s still competitive, too. He regularly competes in CrossFit competitions and annually leads a Birkie Trail Run Marathon Relay team,. He’s placed first in his age group in the Twin Cities Warrior Dash, and brought a team that gleefully participated in the Tough Mudder.

A journey of nearly six decades led us CrossFit. At our ages, we haven’t time to waste on less effective fitness programs — and neither do you.

Although Dave has been a longtime endurance athlete, opening a fitness studio in the Wisconsin northwoods wasn’t in the plans when we retired from metro careers in law enforcement and newspaper journalism in 2007.

A few months after our move from Minneapolis, however, Dave suffered a near-fatal burst appendix. Three months and two surgeries later, he was permitted to swing a 20-pound kettlebell. He quickly regained his strength — and 30 pounds of lost muscle — and passed the grueling RKC certification six months later.

He began teaching at the local fitness center and community ed courses. In summer, he hauled kettlebells to the Hayward City Beach for kettlebell workouts with his newfound friends. He became a student of optimal aging and health, adding more than a half-dozen professional certifications to his credentials.

As the number of followers grew, so did the need for a larger studio: within three years, the club outgrew three spaces, moving into its own new building in late 2011.

Kettlebells are no longer the only tools we use to grow strong and fit. Our training tools have evolved with current research and practices. We use trap bars, straight bars, pull up bars, battling ropes, medicine balls, slam balls, sleds, clubs and a wide variety of fitness tools that challenge our fitness in the most challenging and entertaining of ways.

Our previous fitness lives led us on our journey towards CrossFit; we just didn’t know it by name. A chance meeting with a pair of CrossFit affiliate owners intrigued us to find out more. Clearly what these extremely fit people were doing was worth further investigation. Soon we were hooked, too.

The science, methodology and results of CrossFit resonate with everything Dave had learned by experience. After years of searching for “the” program to reach his all-around fitness goals, finding CrossFit felt like discovering the fountain of youth.

At our age, we have no time to waste. We want our workouts to be challenging and fun, and more importantly, to produce results. After four years of ever-evolving workouts, we’re stronger, leaner and healthier than we’ve ever been in our lives — and so are our club members.

Darlene Prois

Certifications: HKC Kettlebells; CrossFit Level 1 instructor; USA Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Sport Performance

Background: Like many working mothers, Darlene’s main physical pursuits for several decades included going to work, schlepping her two sons to their activities, running a household and taking walks to clear her head. It wasn’t until she met Dave at 50 that she discovered her inner athlete.

Together they enjoy biking (and occasionally racing) on their tandem bicycle, but she prefers a more recreational pace on her own road and mountain bikes. She’s also enjoying the challenge of mastering her standup paddleboard.

She enjoys using her skills as a photographer and writer to document the challenges and joys of  chasing fitness.

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